I have painted my whole life...well except when I was raising children and working in corporate America.  I was like everyone else in this country, working hard to make ends meet.  In 2002 I exchanged my suits for a paint brush and canvas.  I've never been happier.  There is something so much more fulfilling with every painting I sell.  

I love abstract and texture...tons of it!  I didn't always used to paint like this.  I had an art professor that pushed me to "get outside my box" and comfort zone.  The more I ventured out, the more excited I became.  

Painting is a deep, tranquil sensation for me.   People ask me all the time if I draw my paintings out before I paint them.  The answer is no!  I don't even know how anyone can do that with abstract.  I never know what a painting is going to be until I am finished – there is no preconception of what I am going to do before I begin.  I have a “feeling” and intuitively I let it flow through me onto my canvas.  Each piece has its own energy and a small part of my soul.

I love to see my paintings stir the imagination in people and I invite everyone who views them to "think outside the box."  Try not to "see" something in my paintings but "feel" how a  painting moves you.  No two people will see the same thing, or feel the same way.  That's what makes each painting special only to you.

Every painting is a unique piece of creativity, and can never be duplicated once it is finished, and I never have them digitally duplicated.  Each painting is the only one in existence.  

I hope you enjoy looking through my art work.  Send me your comments through my contact page.  I enjoy hearing from people and discussing art with everyone.  You can also find me on Facebook @CarlaWormingtonArt.  You can also find me on Twitter @Carla_Messerli.

My Life as an artist

Carla Wormington Fine art


  • Lee County Alliance for the Arts

My Mediums


  • Acrylic Paint
  • Oil Paint
  • Muli-Media
  • Watercolor