My Story


Imagination, Creativity, Daring.  I've had a love for art from a very early age, always encouraged by my mother, who also loved to draw pictures as she told stories about them.  

I ventured into abstract art when I went back to college in 2002 after my  children were grown and on their own.  My professor opened up my world to this new style, and I found it provided a fresh way of expression, using texture, color and a variety of tools to obtain a unique style  with each painting.  I use a heavy body acrylic, or oils for my paintings, or a combination of various mediums.  The tools I use are brushes, palette knives, scrapers, tiling tools, and sticks; whatever I think might create a unique and interesting structure to my paintings.  

Before graduating in 2006, I sold my  first painting.  This unknowingly set me on a path to pursue my  love for art. 

As you can see from my paintings, I love bright colors!  It's so uplifting.  The impasto style texture that has become my trademark, also creates a new way for people to experience art, through touch, and not be restricted to just a visual experience.  I  encourage others, “not to try and see something in my  paintings”  but to “be aware of how one feels from it.”  

Everyone experiences and sees something different.  That’s what makes my paintings unique and special to each person.  

I do not make prints from my work.  Every painting is an original, signed by me and there isn't another one like it anywhere.