Get a glimpse of the beauty my art can bring into your home.

"Carla is a very talented, creative artist. She really does some amazing work! I own a couple of her pieces, and have been absolutely impressed by the quality of both of these. Carla has been an amazing person to deal with and has a heart of gold."

Keeley A., Minnesota

"There is so much diversity in the paintings by carla. The colors are vibrant, the textures are deep, and every painting tells a story...... your story, my story, her story. Whatever your taste, you'll find something that speaks to you."

Larissa S., New Hampshire

"Carla's artistic talent is exquisite and inspirational. We own one of her pieces and it is a beautiful contemporary artwork for our home. We've had lots of complements. Thank you Carla, you are

truly blessed with great


Marvin and Cheryl,  Missouri

"I’m lucky enough to have 2 of Carlas paintings hanging in my home. They are amazing and I can’t wait to get more!

Stephanie J., Indiana

"Carla is a wonderfully talented artist! I love her use of colors and textures!". 

Mona V., Minnesota

"Very intricate and in depth art. Carla's work with color really reaches your soul, and brightens the room. There is so much passion felt in her art pieces. I personally have 5 of her paintings in my residence, and it just makes my whole home so warm. Thank you for your amazing work!"

John E., Minnesota

"You NEVER cease to amaze me! BRAVA!!!  You are so talented!"

Cliff S., Arizona

"We have 12 of her great pieces in our home.  You can’t walk into a room without her being there!"

Wayne L. Indiana