• Carla Wormington

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

This blog is where I get to talk about art, and my art in particular. I want to share my thoughts, ideas and answer any questions that you might have about me or my art.

I’m pretty excited and a little nervous all at the same time, about this. It’s like going on your first solo flight in an airplane; You have a feeling of exhilaration in your gut because you think, “I’m ready!” Then you get behind the wheel and look down the runway, and the fear rises to levels you never experienced. Yes, that's what I'm feeling right now, truth be told. I'm sure some of you can relate.

I’m going to start by talking about my painting, Urban Shadows. This painting was inspired by my son. He works and lives in the heart of a city. Every night darkness covers the city and the silence is in stark contrast to the energetic days. Only a few streetlights shed their faint glow on dark corners, as a cool breeze blows across your face. This is my son's reality every night as he walks home from work. He relishes the streets at this hour when everything is quiet. He loves the city. I can hear the love in his voice for this city as he describes it to me. This was my attempt to paint the faint colors of street lights and what he might feel as he walks the empty streets on his way home.

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