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Ms. Dawn W., Cape Coral FL - Five pieces
Private Collector, Ft. Myers, FL - Two pieces
Private Collector, Ft. Myers, FL - One Piece
Private Business Owner, Cape Coral, FL - One Piece.
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney H., San Antonio, TX - One Piece
Mr. Norman W., Houston, TX - Two pieces
Mrs. Lori H., Lake Orion, MI - One piece
Mr. David S., Cape Coral, FL - Two pieces
Mrs. Marcella P., Sioux Falls, SD - one piece
Mr. Mark R., Sioux Falls, SD - One piece
Mrs. Kate J., Denver, CO - One piece
Ms. Amanda W., Kansas City MO - One piece
Mrs. Dena H., Prior Lake, MN - One Piece
Private Collector, Naples, FL - Two Pieces
Private Collector, Marco Island, FL - One piece

Mrs. Helen H., Sioux Falls, SD - Five pieces
Emily D., Sioux Falls, SD - One Piece
Mr & Mrs. Robert R., Hartford, SD - One Piece
Private collector - Sioux Falls, SD - One Piece
Mr & Mrs. Les A., Alden, MN - Two pieces
Mrs. Mona V., Prior Lake, MN - Three pieces
Mr. & Mrs Marvin W. Jr, St. Louis, MO - One piece
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin W. Sr., Jackson, MO - Two pieces
Mr. & Mrs. Jesse J., Elkhart, Indiana - Three pieces
Mrs. Larissa S., Bedford NH - six pieces
Mr. John E., Minneapolis, MN - six pieces
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne L., Goshen, IN - 12 pieces
Private collector, Mississippi - Five Pieces
Private Collector, Ohio - One piece
Private Collector, Pennsylvania - One Piece
Ms. Peggy M., Cape Coral FL - Two pieces

Collectors Include:

Gallery Representation

Cliff Hangers Gallery, Sioux Falls, SD 2008-2010

WildChild Art Gallery, Matlacha, FL 2009-2018


Horse Barn Arts Center, Sioux Falls SD - Solo show 2008


Sioux Falls City Wide, Fine Arts Tour show 2008


WildChild Gallery, Matlacha, FL - Exhibit - Solo Shows 2010 and 2013


MiniCooper Celebrity Private Client Exhibit, Fort Myers, FL - Group Show 2015


Alliance for the Arts, All Florida Juried Exhibit - Group Show 2017


Light Space and Time Gallery, Juried Exhibit - Group Show 2017 and 2020.

Charity Auction Events

Child Cancer Fundraiser - Seattle,WA


Arts for A.C.T.

(Abuse Counseling & Treatment) - Fort Myers, FL


Ronald McDonald House Ball, Naples, FL


Holiday for Heroes, Cape Coral, FL

Events and Activities